Strona nie istnieje We provide VoIP service based on the latest IT solutions. We offer VoIP termination services to Poland at very attractive rates. We guarantee high quality connections through our network. Calls are billed in one second increments with one second minimum. Billing is calculated by multiplying the time that the calls are connected.

If you find interest in our offer please feel free to contact us for future details. We invite to cooperation telecom operators from all around the world.

We addresses the needs of domestic and international telecom operators. We are fully committed to understand and satisfy our partners' needs. Our services allow customers to enjoy the highest quality, along with lower costs.

Numbering plans: We offer domestic numbers: fix, premium rates, revenue share, IN lines and others. We provide services like call-forwarding for company that want to offer localized service for their customers. We invite to contact us.
Firma sp. z o. o. powstała w 2006 roku i jest zarejestrowana jako Operator
Telekomunikacyjny w Urzędzie Komunikacji Elektronicznej pod numerem 7273